What is a Personal Chef?

The industry definition of a “Personal Chef” is someone in charge of the kitchen who prepares palate-specific meals for their clients to enjoy later.

This personal chef service will provide healthy, well-balanced meals for individuals and families that don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare meals themselves.

Benefits of a Personal Chef

All meals will be cooked, packaged and dated at your home, with instructions for reheating. Any questions or concerns may be addressed during an initial consultation, in the comfort of your own home.

People who like to entertain guests for functions, such as; sit down dinners, buffets, barbecues and special events would benefit from having a “Personal Chef”.

My services will include design of the menu to client specifications, and obtaining the freshest ingredients, which would be purchased and prepared on the day of the event.

In-Home Dining

For events larger than twenty people, consider an in-home catered service. If required, servers, bartenders, dishware and clean up may also be included as part of the service. You always have the option of hiring outside staff if you so desire.

What makes this business unique from other catering services is that meals are prepared in the comfort of the client’s home, providing personal attention and care. Ingredients are purchased the same-day and prepared using equipment that the client provides. Savings can be realized due to minimal inventory and storage costs, which may be passed on to the client.

It should be noted that the Personal Chef business differs from that of a “Private Chef”. A private chef usually works exclusively for a single client on a daily basis. A Personal Chef works for several clients at once, giving greater flexibility to scheduling and menu planning.