In-Home Dining


Entertain your guests in style right in the comfort of your home!                                              Why go out to a busy restaurant?

Our services will include the design of your menu as well as any specifications you may have.

Still obtaining the freshest ingredients, which would be purchased and prepared on the day of your dinner or event!

What makes our business unique from other catering companies is that we are not catering company!

Is that your dinner or event are prepared right in front of you providing you with the smells that fills your home with "MMMM" and yes you get to sample to let me know if it needs a little more of this or that, as well as the aroma fills your home as your guests arrive.


Personal & private chef services  


For busy families or seniors that don't have the time to cook we can prepare delicious meals and package them in your or their homes with instructions for reheating.

Our personal chef service will provide you with health, well-balanced meals, whether for an individual or an entire family!

You can actually see all the food being prepared and not worry about not trying to pronouns all the ingredients for the food that your buying now.

This is prefect for people that don't have the time to cook or knowledge to prepare meals themselves.

Other services we offer are the invisible chef service's.

Cooking lessons available.

Only your imagination is the limit.